2014-10-14   RH Traveler – Development of “Taxation to Hometown” New Souvenir Business in 2014

From the end of 2008, the regulation of “Taxation to Hometown” in Japan has come into force. Citizens would be able to choose to make donation to their hometown or any local government to set off their personal taxation. This new taxation regulation is to avoid too much taxation centralized in main cities resulting in rural-urban development gap, which can be able to improve local area development. https://www.fine-watch.com/

Upon receiving the donation, local governments would send local agriculture goods or souvenir to citizens who made donation as a gesture of thanks. This might bring inconvenience of preparation, management and transportation regarding the goods or souvenir due to the limitation of resources of local government. To provide fully support to local governments, RH Traveler would assist on selection of products, liaison with service providers, arrangement of transportation, designation of promotion webpage and souvenir catalog, management of donor’s account and build up cash flow system and client service center.

RH Traveler has specialized experiences in selling local essential goods and souvenir for over 50 years, with a variety selection of over 8,000 domestic and international products. Our experiences would be perfectly applied to assisting local governments regarding to the new taxation regulation. Start from the end of 2014, we would actively develop this new business.