2015-07-09   Takamasa Kawasaki, the CEO of Redhorse Group, was invited to give a speech on TEDxWasedaU

On 20th June, 2015, Takamasa Kawasaki, the CEO of Redhorse Group, was invited by nonprofit organization, TEDx, to give a speech on the main event by TEDxWasedaU in Waseda University. The theme of speech called ‘Diversity’. Mr. Kawasaki shared his experience of working in different countries and in Redhorse Group. Explained that how to interact and understand people of different nationalities, cultures and values. Through interacting with them, moreover, he learned how to explore chance and strategy, how to breakthrough peculiar value,and how to adapt various kinds of environment. https://www.replica-stores.com/
Mr. Kawasaki gave the speech in English and received huge amounts of questions
The theme of the lecture called ‘Unlimited’ and this was the main event of TEDxWasedaU。Every year, TEDx invites elites from various sector to introduce valuable and innovative ideas. Mr. Kawasaka always uses ‘Diversity’ that he experienced, to breakthrough peculiar value and create new idea. On behalf of his leading, we believe we could also breakthrough our old thinking and develop the group by facing new challenge.